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A word about DAMAGED BOOKS:

All the books in the "Six Days to Zeus" series, authored by Samuel Hill are published by The book is available on the Internet in both E-book and soft copy formats. (A future "hard cover" limited coffee table book is in the works, but will be extremely limited distribution to those who support the ArcAngelSix and Tier One Tranquility Base programs.)

With that said, every soft cover book is a "PRINT ON DEMAND" book. Every outlet,, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and every Library and brick and mortar store that sells books, can get the book "Print on Demand", most of which includes free shipping. Each source uses a different print company based on proximity to where the book is destined to be shipped. Hence, potentially HUNDREDS of printers are involved.

In the past, there have been complaints of SOME of the books ordered thru Amazon coming apart, pages falling out and just shoddy workmanship. IF your book has problems, (binding failure or Cover de-lamination), you MUST go thru customer support and deal with the company you ordered the book from. The Author has no way of influencing the production process or shipping that may lead to the failure or damage.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Signed by the Author!

If you purchased a book directly from the Author and the book is signed, you can re-order the book from any other company and the Author will ensure (via postal service media rates) you get a newly signed version. But you MUST return the damaged book as evidence. The new signature will replicate EXACTLY what was written on the original book. Not every signature is the same. The Author spends the time required to PERSONALIZE each book to the reader. If you spend the time to purchase the book and read it, the Author will spend the time to sign it and personalize the signature and message within. The Author purchases all books from for book signings and have not experienced a single failure or lamination problem with the books they supplied to me. If for some reason you DO experience a problem, contact the author thru the ArcAngelSix website and instructions will be forwarded on a case by case basis. Free shipping does NOT apply in this case. Media rate thru the US Postal Service is usually under $4.00 nation wide and requires additional time.

My apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. BookLocker. com is my publisher and has ALWAYS gone the extra mile to ensure readers are content with their purchases.

Samuel Hill


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The Six Days to Zeus series documents the journey of a Tier One Warrior thru some of the most classified missions in American history over a thirty year period. That journey included confronting mortal injury, to returning home to face betrayal, divorce and homelessness, to recovering his life and accepting disabilities as part of that future. A big part of the journey was the Author founding a program called "Tier One Tranquility Base", based on the concepts in book two, "Please don't call me Hero!". 

"We train our soldiers to go to war, we don't train them to come home." They get to figure that out for themselves.  The overwhelming National embarrassment shows just shy of seven thousand soldiers have died in combat, while over one hundred and sixty thousand soldiers have committed suicide in the exact same time frame since 9/11. Tier One Tranquility Base was founded in 2010 based on the principle that returning Veterans needed options besides the VA Pill protocol when it came to helping soldiers deal with PTSD and "The Moral Wounds of War".  Please visit the website for further information.