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Six Day to Zeus: Moral Wounds of War

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Six Days to Zeus:
Moral Wounds of War

Sometimes, the worst combat injuries are to the soul.

Mustafa needed to die…and Chief needs to learn how to live. After a thirty-year career in covert ops, Chief comes home to confront his greatest challenge: the high-stakes battle of Ft. Living Room and accepting not only his severe physical disabilities, but a diagnosis of PTSD. Meanwhile, Mustafa, a voice from his past who plans to attack America and make 9/11 look like child’s play, hounds Chief to help him.

On the brink of suicide, Chief finally asks the VA for help, only to get kicked in the teeth by a broken system. With his marriage crumbling and his body broken, Chief realizes it is up to him to cross the bridge and find Mission Next.

This book is the third in the “Six Days to Zeus” series. Included in this book are three bonus stories about real soldiers, who, like Chief, suffer from the moral wounds of war.

All proceeds from the sale of these books goes to support Tier One Tranquility Base, a non-profit organization that seeks to stem the tide of Veteran suicide.