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Arc Angel Six Man in Uniform with night vision and machine gun

Arc Angel Six
Six Days to Zeus: A Tribute to Veterans

Samuel Hill, a name that resonates with mystery and intrigue. By law, his true identity remains classified until 2085. Serving diligently from March 1976 to July 2006, Hill’s contributions to the Intelligence and Security Command are unparalleled. Recognized for his exceptional operational intelligence during the Cold War, he ventured 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain. Today, despite being 100% permanently and totally disabled, Hill’s spirit remains unbroken.

His series, “Six Days to Zeus,” is not just a collection of words but a testament to resilience, bravery, and sacrifice. Based on true events, the story unfolds on August 6, 2003. Task Force Arc Angel, a part of the highly classified organization known as “the Activity,” was on the brink of completing a 26-month covert operation. But fate had other plans. Mistaken for an Iraqi unit, they faced an unexpected adversary – friendly forces.

“Alive Day,” a chapter (book one of a ten book series) from this series, has caught the attention of Phoenix Pictures, hinting at a potential blockbuster movie adaptation. As readers eagerly await the rest of the series, another chapter (book two) titled “Please Don’t Call Me Hero” delves deeper into Chief’s psyche. A mysterious voice from his past triggers his combat instincts, raising questions about his daughter’s safety and his own memories.

In (book three) “Moral Wounds of War,” the narrative takes a poignant turn. Sometimes, the most profound wounds aren’t physical but scars on the soul. As Chief grapples with PTSD and physical disabilities, a ghost from his past, Mustafa, emerges with sinister plans.

But the series is more than just a gripping tale. It’s a beacon of hope. All proceeds from the sales of the “Six Days to Zeus” series are dedicated to Tier One Tranquility Base (TOTB). This noble initiative aims to combat Veteran suicide, a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. For those inspired by this cause and wishing to contribute, learn more about the TOTB program or make a donation at

Young military soldiers during military maneuver
Six Days to Zeus Alive Day

Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day

(Based on a True Story)

Based on a true story.
In “Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day,” delve into the harrowing true tale of Task Force Arc Angel, a top-secret unit mistakenly attacked by their own allies in 2003. Of the seven, only Chief Warrant Officer Samuel Hill survives, but he faces a new battle at home: paralysis, homelessness, and accusations of homicide.

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“Alive Day” is currently optioned by Phoenix Pictures to become a blockbuster movie. Watch for the rest of the series as it becomes available!

Six Days to Zeus: Please Dont Call Me Hero

Six Days to Zeus:
Please Don’t Call me Hero

“Please Don’t Call Me Hero” delves into the tumultuous journey of Chief, a 30-year veteran of Covert Intelligence Operations, as he grapples with the haunting memories of war and an unexpected call from a voice of his covert past. As he battles PTSD, spinal injuries, and moral wounds, Chief confronts the challenge of sharing his secretive past with his new family. This poignant tale offers a raw insight into the challenges faced by America’s veterans and their families, highlighting the sacrifices made by those who didn’t sign up for war but bear its scars nonetheless. Dive deep into the emotional aftermath of war and the quest for redemption.

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Six Day to Zeus: Moral Wounds of War

Six Days to Zeus:
Moral Wounds of War

In the third installment of the “Six Days to Zeus” series, Chief, a veteran with a thirty-year covert ops career, grapples with severe physical disabilities and PTSD. As he battles the demons of his past, including Mustafa, an old adversary with sinister plans for America, Chief’s personal life unravels. Facing a failing marriage and a flawed VA system, he’s on the verge of giving up. But a journey of self-discovery leads him to seek a new purpose. This poignant tale also offers three bonus stories of real soldiers battling the moral wounds of war. Purchases support Tier One Tranquility Base, aiding in the fight against Veteran suicide.

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Walking off the War

Six Days to Zeus:
Walking of the War

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In a gripping tale of redemption and resilience, “Mustafa’s Echo” unravels the intense journey of Chief, a seasoned covert operative returning home after three decades of service. Faced with the daunting challenges of Ft. Living Room, Chief battles not only his profound physical limitations but also a haunting diagnosis of PTSD. As he confronts the shadows of his past, Mustafa emerges—a relentless figure seeking Chief’s aid in a sinister plot to surpass the horrors of 9/11.

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Berlin back to the beginning

Six Days to Zeus:
Berlin Back to the Beginning

“Just because you trust someone, does not mean that
person is trustworthy!”

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Berlin: Back to the Beginning, takes a trip back in time to the Cold War, when Chief is thrust into the dark world of espionage and Illicit Agent networks. His initial assignment to Field Station Berlin, an NSA collection site, changes the trajectory of Chief’s life forever, launching the young and innocent soldier into the deep dark shadows of Covert Operations. Follow the journey from Alive Day and Please don’t call me Hero, the Moral Wounds of War and the recovery story of Walking off the War by going back to the very beginning where it all started.

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The Asset American yawned while Allah wept

Six Days to Zeus:
The Asset

“American yawned while Allah wept”

Coming Soon

“Just because you can’t spell it, nor pronounce it, doesn’t
mean you won’t end up there on a mission!”
Most Americans can speak to a sexual event in the White House from 1995 to 1997 that led to a U.S. President’s impeachment. But no one apparently knows that a ten year war in the Balkans during the same time frame, led to a singular atrocity in
Srebrenica, which in turn galvanized the Islamic Jihadists and led directly to 9/11. Everyone knows that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by two commercial jet liners. But how many people know that the two pilots were both citizens of Bosnia, Muslims and Veterans of the Bosnian/Serbian conflict.

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Embark on a riveting journey through the enigmatic world of Samuel Hill in the “Six Days to Zeus” series. As the saga unfolds, join Hill in traversing the perilous terrains of espionage, betrayal, and valor. From the covert corners of the Intelligence and Security Command to the dangerous frontlines behind the Iron Curtain, Hill’s adventures teem with suspense, emotions, and startling revelations. His story is deeply rooted in a tragic incident where he was injured by friendly fire in an undisclosed Middle Eastern location. This gripping tale caught the attention of Phoenix Pictures, and “Alive Day,” the first book, has been optioned with Oscar-nominated producer Mike Medavoy and esteemed director Phillip Noyce leading the charge. As Hill wrestles with blurred allegiances, his enduring resilience and sacrifice shine through. While the upcoming books delve into classified missions, they are currently under the Pentagon’s Pre-Publication Security Review due to their sensitive content. Stay captivated as past mysteries set the stage for future adventures and intrigue.