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The Asset American yawned while Allah wept

Six Days to Zeus: The Asset

“American yawned while Allah wept”

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“Just because you can’t spell it, nor pronounce it, doesn’t mean you won’t end up there on a mission!”
Most Americans can speak to a sexual event in the White House from 1995 to 1997 that led to a U.S. President’s impeachment. But no one apparently knows that a ten year war in the Balkans during the same time frame, led to a singular atrocity in Srebrenica, which in turn galvanized the Islamic Jihadists and led directly to 9/11. Everyone knows that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by two commercial jet liners. But how many people know that the two pilots were both citizens of Bosnia, Muslims and Veterans of the Bosnian/Serbian conflict.

“The Asset” is a harrowing tale of U.S. intelligence efforts during the Muslim-Christian war of the Balkans that the rest of the world basically ignored. The venom and hatred that war inspired, ignited Jihadists around the world to join forces in Bosnia to protect fellow Muslims from Serbian aggression. The Serbian military, under Slobedon Milosovic, vowed to exterminate the Muslims so their children and their children’s children would never have to fight another war. Christian against Muslim, mass genocide, horrific crimes against humanity all resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead civilians and a single incident that stands to this day as the worst European genocide since the Holocaust.

“America yawned, while Allah wept”