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Berlin back to the beginning

Six Days to Zeus: Berlin Back to the Beginning

“Just because you trust someone, does not mean that
person is trustworthy!”

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Berlin: Back to the Beginning, takes a trip back in time to the Cold War, when Chief is thrust into the dark world of espionage and Illicit Agent networks. His initial assignment to Field Station Berlin, an NSA collection site, changes the trajectory of Chief’s life forever, launching the young and innocent soldier into the deep dark shadows of Covert Operations. Follow the journey from Alive Day and Please don’t call me Hero, the Moral Wounds of War and the recovery story of Walking off the War by going back to the very beginning where it all started.

You will marvel at the ingenious methods Chief uses to break a Soviet cypher using a grocery scanner and thermal fax machine paper. Synchronicity steps in when a passing conversation with a “crazy lady” ultimately ends in the take down of 14 Terrorist networks throughout Europe and the U.S. Operation Porch Light proves that the smallest things in life can often lead to the greatest success — or failure.

Living in Hitler’s old Nazi SS Barracks, surrounded by the Berlin Wall with mine fields and guard towers, Chief’s life changes when he sees the Russians killing anyone trying to escape to the West. This story is filled with missions from breaking Soviet cyphers, to tracking the Soviet Spetznaz, crossing into the East Bloc to going after those who attempted to kill the only thing Chief lived for, his two young sons. Follow Operation Elsa and learn how the U.S. stole a new Soviet T-72 tank and built the M1 Abrams to defeat it, the ripple effect of which devastated the Iraqi military just a few years later.